Rescue Your Precious Persian Rug from Ruin: Expert Tips on Stain Removal

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Your Persian rug cost a small fortune and adds instant grandeur to any room. However, despite being masterfully handwoven from the finest wools and silks, Persian rugs are still vulnerable to ugly staining over their lifetimes from red wine spills, greasy foods, muddy paw prints, juice drips and other household accidents waiting to happen.

Don’t panic and resort to DIY home remedies that may cause additional damage. As London’s top Persian rug cleaning specialists, Vip Carpet Cleaning London offers these expert tips on gently removing stains from prized Persian rugs and carpets to restore their original vibrant artistry and value.

Assess Stain Type and Age

A stain’s longevity influences how deeply it may be embedded and the cleaning method required. Inspect its location, color and edges to identify the culprit:

  • Dark stains with fuzzy edges likely stem from pet accidents or liquids like red wine or coffee. Old urine stains may require enzyme treatments.
  • Pinkish stains appearing crusted result from sugary drinks.
  • Grayish stains with defined edges can signal grease spills.
  • Mysterious stains suddenly appearing may indicate water leaks or moisture issues rather than a surface spill.

Safely Pretest Persian Rug Cleaners

Always test stain removers on a small, inconspicuous corner of the rug’s backing first since chemicals and even steaming can alter sensitive dyes. Use only the gentlest cleaner required to avoid fiber damage. Our Persian rug cleaning pros have access to proprietary solutions ideal for delicates.

Lift Fresh Stains Gently

For new stains under 24 hours old from foods, beverages, oils or pet mishaps:

  • Blot promptly with absorbent white cloth or paper towels without rubbing.
  • Cover area thickly with baking soda or cornstarch. Let sit 30 minutes to draw out the stain.
  • Gently scrape powder with a dull knife. Avoid harsh scrubbing.
  • Allow a few hours for liquids to continue migrating out of fibers before vacuuming.

Treat Older or Set Stains by Persian Rug cleaning Experts

For mystery stains, smells or badly discolored areas apparent after rug has been walked on for days, don’t try handling these at home. The antioxidants, enzymes, steam, suction and more used by Persian rug care experts would be too risky for do-it-yourselfers. Trust Vip Carpet Cleaning London’s decade of experience cleaning priceless Persian rugs in London homes and businesses.

Block-Based Cleaning

Unlike wall-to-wall carpeting cleaned in one seamless process, Persian rugs are divided into blocks during construction. Our techs scientifically assess each individual block and customize the strongest stain fighter suitable for every distinct colored pattern area to prevent color bleeding across borders.

Particle vs. Liquid Persian Rug Cleaning Solutions

Liquid cleaners can oversaturate a rug’s backing and lead to molds, mildew rot and unpleasant lingering odors. Vip Carpet Cleaning London instead often relies on superfine micro-sponges for stain removal. These revolutionary lint-free sponges are sprinkled lightly over affected areas, massaged delicately into fibers and then vacuum extracted along with soils and solutions. This keeps solutions locked inside sponges rather than saturating rug fibers, preventing any warping or water marks on silks or shrinkage of wool knots.

Speed Up Drying Times

Persian rugs should dry almost immediately without dampness or odors clinging in the fibers. Our exclusive high-powered centrifugal air movers placed under block areas thoroughly dry Persian rugs from back and front simultaneously in under one hour. This avoids any moisture getting trapped within the thick pile leading to mold or mildew growth later.

Sanitize Persian Rug Against Bacteria and Dust Mites

In addition to stain removal, Vip Carpet Cleaning London cleans Persian rugs using sanitizers that kill harmful bacteria like E Coli as well as eliminate hideous house dust mites that feed on skin flakes and pet dander in dense carpeting. This prevents rugs from being allergen breeding grounds that trigger asthma and nasal allergies.

Preventive Maintenance Between Deep Cleanings

To keep Persian carpeting stain-free and extend time between deep cleanings, have your rug:

  • Vacuumed twice weekly using a specialized hardwood floor attachment to avoid snags.
  • Gently sponged with club soda monthly to prevent sticky spills from becoming permanent stains.
  • Rotated annually to even out uneven fading and wear patterns toward sunlight exposure.

The world’s finest Persian weavers have been perfecting cherished techniques for centuries. Don’t let a single spill permanently damage their artistic legacies underfoot. As London’s premier Persian rug care specialists, Vip Carpet Cleaning London safely revives the intricate dyes, fibers and backing of your investment without abrasion or substituting weaker knots from shortcuts. Contact us today for advice tailoring the world’s most advanced Persian rug cleaning in London technologies to gently care for your delicate treasure. In addition to weekly vacuuming, thoroughly clean the backs of area rugs at least once a year. Soil and grit can abrade flooring underneath.

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