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Instagram is a prominent social media portal for users. It is developed to connect with friends, family, or relatives. Instagram is easily accessible to any device whether it is a smartphone, laptop or computer. But sometimes, it seems boring to create an account and then access instagram to view friends’ updates. Is there any alternative way to access the instagram portal instead of account creation and then entering an account? Absolutely yes. Have you heard about imginn?If not, then no worries.

Imginn.com is a unique portal that facilitates users to access instagram without bothering with account creation.  So, how to access this interesting portal for using instragram? In this article, you will learn the methods to access imginn. Read the complete article.

How to Create An Account On Imginn?

To create an account on imginn, follow the given steps carefully –

  • Visit the portal of imginn.
  • On the homepage, click on the ‘Create Account’ option.
  • Now, enter your email ID and then create an imginn password.
  • Click on the ‘create account’ option.
  • Your account is created. You can log in to your account with your login credentials and download the top anime apps.

Steps to Download Instagram Stories Using Imginn

Imginn is an online application that allows users to log in with their created password to use their Instagram account and its public content. Account holders never know who visited their instagram profile.  To download imginn instagram stories, follow the below-mentioned steps.

  • Login to your Imginn account and go to the homepage.
  • Type the desired profile’s username in the search bar.
  • After finding it, click on the username to visit the profile.
  • Select the desired Instagram story or video to download.
  • You will find the ‘Download’ option next to the video.
  • Click on it to download the file.
  • Wait till the download is completed.
  • This file is saved on your device. You can access it from there.

Is Accessing Imginn Safe And Free of Cost?

As imginn is an excellent Instagram tool that is available online to view and download Instagram content including stories, videos, reels, and profile photos without account creation. Still, users wanted to know if it is imginn anonymous or not. Yes. It is mainly used to view Instagram stories and other content anonymously. But if you want to like, comment or share any of the posts or stories, it is restricted for the imginn portal.  

What Are the Benefits of Using Imginn?


  • The service of imginn is completely free for everyone.
  • It is one of the best Instagram tools to view Instagram content anonymously. You can easily view any profile’s uploaded photos, videos, reels, and public stories. You also get options to download them.
  • This is a dedicated portal for Instagram. You can search for anything linked to Instagram, on the search bar option.
  • Imginn has a user–friendly interface to access.
  • higher security measures to save your personal deatils and other essential information.
  • no data storage on imginn servers


Its only drawback is that it includes third-party advertisements. The design seems unprofessional and unattractive.

Source – https://allinsider.net/imginn/

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