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Who we are
Newz Unlimited is a Canada-based business that has developed the tendency of news anchors and events, technical in providing the most up-to-date and trending topics. We’re a passionate staff, devoted to our continuing mission to construct and deliver the absolute best posts and blogs that just the facts talk. Each day we use our imagination and our awareness of consciousness to bring new ideas, developments and also to make sure that we’re closely intertwined with our clients’ needs. Our purpose is to generate genuine and clear information, by our investigators and authors, utilizing our technology in a fantastic way to spread the information.

Mission, aims, objectives
Two of the greatest challenges now facing event organizers would be the automation of manual tasks and handling different sellers that are tackling a variety of areas of the general event. That is the reason Newz Unlimited provides a worldwide accessible cloud option that centralizes and simplifies its own activities while profiting from the normally costly technology employed for organizing, promoting, and handling events. We provide answers to each of the challenges event planners need to conquer, from planning and application structure to ticket sales, speaker management, information marketing, invitations, and much much more. Our purpose is to be an international player in the information and events sector by providing a non-bias analysis, cost-effective alternative when profiting from the most recent technology.

Our story
Launched in 2012 by five friends who have been used to meeting in and helping organize an event around the planet decided to come up with a journalist company. Newz Unlimited was made to manage the complexity of big events without additives that were annoying and apparently endless email threads.

From 2015 the constraints of open-source development have become apparent as was the understanding that more time was required to make a really viable solution, hence Newz was born. Since then our team has been growing steadily enabling us to enhance the skills and make new functionalities. We’re constantly striving to create Newz Unlimited Event Management that the ideal event management on the market by incorporating a solid core of scheduling performance together with ticket advertisements, polls, communications, and attendee self-service.